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Model 100 (Historical) Storm Window

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The model 100 storm window is a favorite for historical homes. It provides the historical estetics while being made from today’s high quality materials. The color can be customizes to match any home, historical or new.


To furnish Steel Storm Windows with hardware, screws, and other fitting necessary for a complete installation


  1. Each unit, unless otherwise specified, shall consist of a main frame, closure frame, two glass inserts and one screen insert.  Screen to be approximately equal in size to the lower glass.
  2. Mullion sections shall be provided in all openings where the width is such that two units are required.
  3. The meeting rail of any SOLAR combination window shall always coincide with the meeting rail of the primary window.  All meeting rails shall incorporate an integral drip cap as a rain shield and further weather  proofing.


  1. The window shall consist of three major sections, namely,  a main frame, a closure frame and insert frame.  The window frame, closure frame and insert frame shall be made of .025” galvanized steel.  The main frame shall be rigidly assembled with mechanical corners.  The top corners shall be mitered on a 45 degree angle, the bottom corners shall be butt jointed.  All main frame corners shall be assembled with the use of heavy die cast metal corner inserts and secured with #6 x 3/8” self tapping metal screws.  All insert sections shall be 45 degree mitered corners assembled with die cast metal corner inserts and the entire assembly shall be corner staked securely.
  2. The frame shall support the upper glass insert and screen insert in the same plane, one above the other, respectively.  In place directly behind the screen insert, shall be the lower glass insert.  This insert shall be arranged to slide vertically in a weather-tight manner and be held in place by felt weather stripped insert retainers and adjusted in its various ventilation positions by means of spring latch pin assemblies.
  3. All points of contact between the operable glass insert and frame shall be through a weather-proof felt weather stripping.
  4. All glass shall be single strength.  Glass shall be sealed using a silicon based caulk applied to the metal insert and glazed in place with a polyvinyl retainer for easy replacement of broken glass.
  5. Screen cloth shall be 18 x 14 mesh fiberglass, held in place by a removable polyvinyl spline.
  6. An alternate safety screen can be added that consists of an extruded aluminum with .018, .023 or.028 stainless steel screen.


  1. All exposed areas of stainless wire cloth and frames shall be thoroughly washed, rinsed and chemically pre-treated in preparation for powder coating.  A finish polyester powder coat paint shall be electrostatically applied, and baked for a minimum of 15 minutes at 400 degrees F.  Powder coat paint finish shall be a minimum of 1.5 mil thickness.


The above described window unit shall be installed to the building by means of Galvanized Steel Closure frames.  These closure frames are the only part of the entire window assembly which is attached directly to the building.



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